Pagehand Eight Off: in our humble opinion, the best solitaire game ever, and the best way to play it.

Of course, that’s our opinion.

But we have some good reasons for it.

Eight Off, the game

Eight Off screenshot

The first thing you notice is all the cards are dealt face up. This means you never have to guess which card you should turn over. Guessing, or luck, plays no part in Eight Off. You win or lose based on skill alone. The rules are simple, the movements are easy, and the games range in difficulty from very easy to very hard. The ideal solitaire game!

Eight Off exercises your analytical skill with every move. It’s a great game. But if you’ve played it a lot, you’re probably aware of its drawbacks. Most, but not all, games can be won; if you run into a difficult game, you never know if you’re wasting your time on something you can’t win. It can be tedious to move the cards one at a time. And often you have to search the entire layout to find a particular card.

Pagehand Eight Off, the app

Needless to say, we’ve solved these problems for you.

In Pagehand Eight Off, every game is winnable. You get a whopping ten thousand games, and every game has been tested to insure that it can be won. In fact, if you get stuck on a game, Pagehand Eight Off can show you a solution.

While it’s easy to drag a card to the Foundations, we provide a button that makes it even easier. Just tap the Up arrow to send all possible cards to the Foundation. One tap might send a dozen cards to the Foundation at once, dramatically speeding play (and helping your score!).

Eight Off screenshot

Finding a card couldn’t be easier. Tap the Find icon and you see this lovely palette that animates cards of any number or suit. In this picture, we’re looking for that last Ace (it’s at the top of the last column; the animation wiggles the card so it waves at you).

Eight Off screenshot

But wait, there’s more! Finish a game later, keep separate players on the same device, undo, redo, start over; and, may we say, don’t our cards look nice?

The best part: it’s free

While other developers offer a multitude of different solitaire games, frilly animations, and zany card designs, we have concentrated on one thing: making the very best possible iPhone app for playing Eight Off. We think we’ve succeeded. We’re pretty sure you will, too.

Pagehand Eight Off runs on iOS 4.0 or later. Download Pagehand Eight Off today!